Christmas Challenges: Blogmas and Run Up To Christmas

This year I’m giving blooms a go. That means a festive blog post each day up to and including christmas day. Just because I feel like signing myself up to more and more challenges, and a kick up the arse is sometimes helpful. So I signed up to the Run Up To Christmas virtual running challenge to get myself and keep myself running through December. The London Marathon isn’t far away and I need a jolly great carrot to keep me running through December and hopefully increasing my mileage too. It’s a win win situation that I’ve thrusted upon myself in a desperate attempt to convince myself to challenge pushing my distance.

I first saw Run Up To Christmas mentioned on Instagram. There are milestone distances to achieve; 50, 100, 150, 200, and a whopping 250 Km. By uploading the running data from Strava, Fitbit, Garmin etc it will tally up your total distance over the period of time and whichever was the last milestone distance.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 21.49.53.png

Here’s the lowdown for how far each milestone of what it equates to on a daily distance:

50 Km = 2 Km daily
100 Km = 4 Km daily
150 Km = 6 Km daily
200 Km = 8 Km daily
250 Km = 10 Km daily

I’m hoping to crack the 150 mark and I’m going to aim to use this challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone – trudging the longer distances in the dark evenings, sneaking in a quick run early in the morning before I start my day and cracking on with some training.

I always feel much better when I train. Even if a run is hard I feel better afterwards about myself. I feel more able, calm and confident within myself, what’s not to love? Except for when I build it up in my mind and overthink running: I overthink the cold, the dark and the potential for my body to not cope or manage despite my body having proved me countless times this year that I can do more than I often initially think with much more ease than I think. I keep proving myself wrong time and time again, and it’s about time I proved myself wrong on a grander scale than I have done yet this year to hopefully seal the deal for believing I can push myself further and actually doing it.

Quite a few people on Insta and Facebook seem to be signing up to this challenge to beat the temptation to spend December eating and drinking copious amounts only to try and fad diet the consequences away in January. I’m hoping that this year is different for myself. They’ve sold out

So here’s to blooms and running 150+ Km between now and christmas.

Ready. Set. GO!

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