You Got My Back, Yeah?: 6. Being Treated Wholly

I was also still a whole person.

I wasn’t spoken about as if I wasn’t there. I didn’t have decisions made for me, on my behalf without being informed. I was consulted about my care plans with the healthcare workers that helped the most, and who I ultimately trusted the most. I was respected, treated as a whole because yes, I had an illness but I was also still a whole person. I could still communicate but just needed extra time sometimes if my thoughts were slow. I could still feel, think and I was still as intelligent as I had been prior to becoming unwell. I could still joke and laugh.

Some healthcare workers emitted an air of assuming I was stupid or stunted intellectually for having such difficulties, who spoke about me as if I wasn’t there or who didn’t inform me truthfully or adequately, sometimes if at all, of my care plans – which made me feel disrespected and ultimately hindered our professional relationship from being at all useful – the result being that at times I felt more sub-human than I was already.

7. Affirming Truths and Healing (Click)

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Nutrition. Running. Climbing. And learning to become a RNutr, manage bipolar and manage the little crevices of wellness that crop up to make each day matter.

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