I have started running and then stopped many times throughout my life. I know I’m not the only one to have fallen in and out of the habit of running or exercising, or even really barely moving at all.

I signed up for the Cancer Research UK Winter Run in London in February 2017 after running with my friend just a few times. I wasn’t prepared and with her support I got to the start line and crossed the finish line. I cried. I hadn’t achieved something like this in a long time.

Then Backpackers CLC happened. Backpackers are a running crew set up by Mindful Mover Chevy Rough for the people at the back of the pack. This is a run crew for the slow movers, the party pace plodders and everyone in between. We encourage everyone to the finish line – it is here we find some amazing stories of peoples’ journeys. These guys changed everything for me.


I am now a part of a crew and a community. They have been the pivotal point in my keeping moving, #itwasntfastbutitwasdone so I signed up to the Hackney Half in April/May and the nerves got me so bad I had a panic attack at the start line and whilst crossing it. Together, with my crew friends we all crossed the finish line and honestly, the self belief I have gained from this crew believing in every single person, not just me, has been a game changer. Naturally I got excited in the London Marathon hype and what do you know? I’m signed up for 2018.


I am running for The Outward Bound Trust, who I will be writing about in the coming months. My target is £1850 – and every last penny all adds up towards reaching this goal. The trust really do change lives by doing what Backpackers CLC has done for me, they believe in everyone and install that same belief in the kids they take for outdoors education experiences.


So sign up, follow along, and spread the word so I can hopefully meet the target sponsorship.

Peace, Love and DOMS,