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Hello, I'm monica

I am available to do talks, podcast interviews, write articles and am open to collaborations on projects based around nutrition, health and movement – especially outside. This could mean running a time limited project, or a course teaching people about nutrition, exercise and healthy living.

The Ninja Hut of Health

The four posts need each other to make a solid structure. Take one away, the structure for your shelter isn’t solid.

The canvas can then rest on the posts, to create a warm environment for inviting people in to join you, or for closing the door and having space on your own. Both are OK. We need both – so the door is super important. Learning how to man your door is important, learning when to let people in , when to shut them out, when to let friends only, close loved ones only and when it’s time to have an open door policy for meeting others. When we let people in, trust the, build connection with them we feel secure and confident to go out and explore. We feel comfortable leaving our Hut for adventures and exploration – we are no longer bound to one space out of fear.

We trust our hut is safe with others, we trust in our community that we can rely on each other – and are open to experiencing things with others. We have a home to come back to, rest up our feet and reminisce and talk about our adventures with those who were there, those who weren’t, old friends, new friends and perhaps friends-to-be.

Through the experience of outdoors, nature and adventure we are borne one of the greatest gifts of living, the pure simple pleasures of being a human being. We experience the magic that makes that possible – we allow ourselves to explore that magic by overcoming our fears and anxieties, digging deep sometimes and developing a real appreciation for the tough metal we are really made of. The experiences that gives us as a results and the truest simplest pleasures that fill you with wonder, fill your soul with happiness and joy.

Allow yourself to play, to explore, to dare to use your imagination. Let’s go on an adventure and fall in love with being alive again. It all starts with the looking after our four posts: nutrition, mental health, sports/exercise, nature/outdoors.

fun facts

Well I never…?!

Did you know that exercise in nature leads to improved self-esteem? The instant improvement to mood, and generally lasts between 2 and 4 hours after you’ve finished your workout. [1]

Exercising in nature improves body image, and can support the transition of focus from rigid appearance ideals to developing a greater respect and appreciation for your body! Therefore, supporting the development of a healthier body image overall – Wicked!! [2].

The benefits of movement are yours for the taking regardless of your size or shape! Overall lifestyle and activity are WAY more important for your health and how you feel, than your weight alone will ever be. Let’s get moving!! [3,4]

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Testimonials and reviews from happy clients… the proof is in the inner ninja.

“I’m really enjoying working with Monica – the sessions we have are really enjoyable while also being hard work. I’ve seen my fitness improve a lot! Monica has helped me set goals and the sessions are tailored to help me achieve these. I would highly recommend!” – Lizzie​

“Together with a friend I’ve started working out with Monica during a particularly busy period at work and after having done barely any exercise for months. Monica has been putting together sessions for us that were so much fun, I completely forgot how unfit I was and really enjoyed myself. She’s spent time trying to understand our goals and preferences and really knows how to push me – but is always ready to show me variations for exercises if I’m having a less energetic day. In each session, Monica draws in her extensive experience of health, fitness and general wellbeing. I’ve been able to improve my fitness noticeably in only a short period of time, which has also helped me enjoy being active more generally, in turn helping me switch off from my busy job much more easily” – Marga

“Monica has been supportive of me when we have worked together. She is insightful and genuinely interested in me as a person, and in what I am doing. I’ve really appreciated her varying the routine and intensity depending on how I am doing and feeling in myself and I really enjoy our sessions together. She has even encouraged me to train when we are 500 miles away from each other, and I’ve started going on walks more regularly as a result of our training.” – Tom

Let's work together

It is through this journey that I have found my purpose, in supporting other people to find their happy by bringing it back to basics. Getting people out in nature no matter the weather, and facing their demons out in the wild, in the park and in their head. I support people to make healthy choices with their food, empowering people to know what healthy choices are, whilst embracing the joy of living and food and eating. I reject the restrictive practices of popular weight loss programmes, and focus instead on lifestyle changes, small adjustments, and building habits that enable and empower my clients to feel better in themselves. Feeling healthier, stronger and having more energy, to feel content and enjoy life.

Not afraid of tough love, I push my clients when I sense they are ready and in need. If I see that you can when you can’t, I let you know and empower you to keep going. We laugh in every session, and enhance the joy in movement, supporting clients and enjoying their successes alongside them.

Sessions and goals are catered to individual needs, and I try my best to practice a truly inclusive practice. I am open to feedback, and always open to learning about ways in which I could improve. No matter your gender, sex, orientation, race, religious practice, accommodating and empowering people to embrace and be comfortable with who they are, their identify and culture are all key to my practice.


The Nourishment Ninja Podcast, available on Spotify and Acast.

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